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This area should be horizontally and vertically centered.
This text stays left aligned
ie mac doesn't like this!
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var is_nav = ((agt.indexOf('mozilla') != -1) &&(agt.indexOf('spoofer') == -1) &&(agt.indexOf('compatible') == -1));var is_nav4 = (is_nav && (is_major == 4));if (is_nav4) {onresize = location.reload();}</SCRIPT>

This should cause the document to be reloaded whenever the browserwindow is resized in any version of Navigator 4.

The script used for this trick was adopted from a technique presented then its background should be transparent so that the background ofits ancestor elements will be visible. Imagine for a moment that thedefault value were something else, such as silver.Then you would always see something along the lines of Figure 6-16. This could be quite a problem, ifthat's how browsers behaved! Fortunately, they don't.

Figure 6-16

Figure 6-16. Nontransparent backgrounds

Most of the time, you'll have no reason to use the keywordtransparent. On occasion, though, it can beuseful. Although it's the default value, users might set their the steps a user agent has to go through in order to generate a linebox. First, for each inline nonreplaced element (or string of textoutside of an inline element), the font-size isused to determine the initial content-height.Thus, if an inline element has a font-size of15px , then the content-height starts out as15px .

Second, all of the inline elements in a given line are alignedaccording to their values for vertical-align. By hex notation -- some of them even think in it -- and soit's part of the CSS specification. Why? Because thespecification was written and edited by programmers. It makes sensethat they'd put in color schemes to which they could relate.

So, by stringing together three hex pairs, you can set a color. Amore generic description of this method is:


Viewed in this way, the hex-pair method is a lot like the method we

<length> | <percentage>

Initial value