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There area total of three properties that can affect the display of a listitem under CSS1 -- CSS2 adds a few more, all of which arementioned in Chapter 10, "CSS2: A Look Ahead" -- and one shorthandproperty to tie them all together. These properties are used toaffect the type of bullet used in a list, to replace the bullet withan image, and to affect where the bullet or image appears in relationto the text of the list item.

Just in case you're unfamiliar with the concept of a

7.5.4. Padding: Known Issues

In the first place, padding and Navigator 4.x just plain don't getalong. The main problem is that you can set padding on an elementwith a background color, but the background won't extend intothe padding unless you get very sneaky. You need to add a border, aswas discussed earlier in "Margins: Known Issues."Therefore, if you have a background color, some padding, and a borderset for an element, you'll see the background fill the contentarea and the padding as requested, but a transparent space willincorrectly appear between the two, as shown in Figure 7-62. into a list under a main heading; these headings look different from the links. Each of the sections uses the following tags:

Whew! Already we have our work cut out for us.

Probably the easiest thing to do is to assign a class to the sidebar's table cell, so that we can specify certain appearances that are specific to the sidebar. This leads us to enter the tags <TD CLASS="sidebar"> and </TD> for the beginning and end of the cell,

The element's box is offset by some distance. Its containingblock is the area that the element would occupy if it were notpositioned. The element retains the shape it would have had were itnot positioned, and the space that the element would ordinarily haveoccupied is preserved. Relative positioning is accomplished bygenerating the element as though it were set tostatic, and then simply shifting theelement's box (or boxes, in the case of an inline element thatcrosses multiple lines). It is possible that the positioned elementwill overlap other content. The direction and magnitude of the offset