Furthermore, if we view the web page using a browser without stylesheets, it will come out looking like Figure 11-18.It may not be as pretty, but it's still quite readable.

Figure 11-18

Figure 11-18. The styled page without any styles Cleaning up

There are a few places where the CSS version isn't quite thesame as the printed version, as a detailed study of Figure 11-17 reveals, and of course the creation of thecolumns is a bit of a hack. How can these be addressed?

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This area should be horizontally and vertically centered.
This text stays left aligned
ie mac doesn't like this!
more nice and free css templates


This is perfectly legal, and in some ways preferred, given thereduced number of keystrokes. In addition, it has the effect ofsetting all of the other background properties to their defaults,which means that background-image will be set tonone. This helps ensure readability by preventingother rules (in, for example, the reader style sheet) from setting animage in the background.

Any of the following rules are also legal, as illustrated by Figure 6-59:

border is medium , which is not explicitly defined but usually works out to be two or three pixels. Despite this, the reason you don't usually see borders is that the default style is none, which prevents them from existing. If a border has no style, then it may as well not exist, so it doesn't. The absence of a border style also resets the width, but we'll get to that in a little while.

Finally, the default border color is the foreground color of the element itself. If no color has been declared for the border, then it