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Nice and Free CSS Templates Overflow clipping

Insituations where the content of an element overflows its element box,and overflow has been set such that the contentshould in fact be clipped, it is possible to alter the shape of theclipping region by using the propertyoverflow-clip.

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Menu und content

Menu fixed, content

Menu und content

3 columns all

4 columns all

Menu floating

Menu fix, Inhalt u.
Head dynamic

3 columns fix

dynamic mit
Head und Footer

fixed BOX centered

dynamic BOX

fixed Box total
H2 {padding: 0.5em 2em; background: silver;}
Figure 7-58

Figure 7-58. Uneven padding with background colors

As Figure 7-58 demonstrates, the background of an element extends into the padding. As we discussed before, it also extends to the outer edge of the border, but the background has to go through the padding before it even gets to the border.

The default value of padding is 0 (zero), and padding values cannot be negative.background-position: center;}

Figure 6-54

Figure 6-54. Scrolling the background image out of view

Never fear: there is a way to prevent this scrolling.


Using the propertybackground-attachment, you can declare the background to befixed with respect to the viewing area andtherefore immune to the effects of scrolling:

In your application layer, you can create many interesting Java applications. The apps can run on the server side or client side or both. They may have graphical user interfaces or they may be web based. When I use the word application or app in this chapter, I don't exclude Java applets; I mean application (or app) in the broad sense of the word, i.e., I mean it to describe a software system written in Java that solves a real-world problem.

3 Main categories

There are many different types of software that you can write in Java to make use of XML. I have created 3 major categories to describe certain types of apps (that are currently popular) that are really well suited to the use of XML. This is by no means a comprehensive set of categories; you can create your own, and many more major categories will emerge as XML becomes more popular.

Client side - Graphical Java Applications

let's say you want a triple border on the left side of each H1element in your document. You could then declare the following:

H1 {background-image: url(triplebor.gif); background-repeat: repeat-y;}

As we can see in Figure 6-34, the very small imagetriplebor.gif is repeated vertically along theleft side of the heading element, resulting in an effect thatisn't otherwise possible.

Figure 6-34

Figure 6-34. Creating a "triple border" on H2 elements