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Nice and Free CSS Templates

This site contains free css templates for your website - Just copy and paste and there you have a stunning website !

Menu und content

Menu fixed, content

Menu und content

3 columns all

4 columns all

Menu floating

Menu fix, Inhalt u.
Head dynamic

3 columns fix

dynamic mit
Head und Footer

fixed BOX centered

dynamic BOX

fixed Box total
the same document. So in a certain sense the image isn't fixedin place, but it will remain fixed so long as the viewing areaisn't resized.

Figure 6-56

Figure 6-56. Centering still holds, even if the image is "fixed"

There is only one other value forbackground-attachment, and that's thedefault value scroll. As you'd expect, thiscauses the background to scroll along with the rest of the documentwhen viewed in a web browser, and it doesn't necessarily change required behavior. Either way, it's probably a bad idea tocount on a particular behavior, which makes the utility of negativemargins on floats rather limited. Hanging floats are probably fairlysafe, but trying to push an element upward on the page is generally abad idea.

There is one other case where a floated element can run outside ofits parent element, and that's when the floated element iswider than its parent. In that case, the floated element will simplyoverrun either the right or left inner edge in its best attempt to with the beginning of the paragraph that comes after the quote in the HTML document. We decide that's okay and end up with what's shown in Figure 11-10.

Figure 11-10

Figure 11-10. A pull quote

Now the document is a bit more even. Adjusting the placement of the DIVs will make it as even as possible, but since we still aren't quite finished, let's put that off yet again.


Percentage values refer to the line-height of the element.

vertical-align accepts any one of eight keywords,or a percentage value, but never both. The keywords are a mix of thefamiliar and unfamiliar: baseline (the defaultvalue), sub, super,bottom , text-bottom ,middle, top, and inside:

LI.first {list-style-position: inside;}

This causes the bullet to be placed "inside" the listitem's content. The exact way this happens is undefined, butFigure 7-86 shows one possibility.

Figure 7-86

Figure 7-86. Placing the bullets inside and outside list items

CSS2, by the way, provides a good deal more control over thepositioning of the bullets (called "markers" in CSS2);