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This site contains free css templates for your website - Just copy and paste and there you have a stunning website !

Menu und content

Menu fixed, content

Menu und content

3 columns all

4 columns all

Menu floating

fall out of that sort of setup.

Anyway, this is almost exactly the same as setting percentage values:only the scale is different, going up to 255instead of 100%. Accordingly, the values in Table 3-2 correspond to our usual list of colors.

Table 3-2. Numeric RGB Equivalents for Common Colors

As expected, any value outside the range of-255 is clipped, just as with percentages -- although in thiscase, of course, the values are clipped to 0 and Menu fix, Inhalt u.
Head dynamic

3 columns fix

dynamic mit
Head und Footer

fixed BOX centered

dynamic BOX

fixed Box total
top: 10%; bottom: auto; left: 50%; right: 10%; height: auto; min-width: 15em;

Here we have a case where the element should be 40% as wide as the containing block but can never be less than 15em wide. We've also changed the bottom and height so that they're automatically determined. This will let the element be as tall as necessary to display its content, no matter how narrow it gets (never less than 15em, of course!).

We can turn this around to keep elements from getting too wide orwords, the smaller of the two margins is eliminated in favor of thelarger. Figure 7-16 shows the difference betweencollapsed and uncollapsed margins.

Figure 7-16

Figure 7-16. Collapsed versus uncollapsed margins

Correctly implemented user agents will collapse the verticallyadjacent margins, as shown in the first list in Figure 7-16, where there are 15-pixel spaces between eachlist item. The second list shows what would happen if the user agentdidn't collapse margins, resulting in 25-pixel spaces betweenlist items. widthIE4 P/Y IE5 P/Y NN4 P/P Op3 Q/-

Used to set the width of an element. This is most often applied to images, but can be used on any block-level or replaced element. Negative values are not permitted.


word-spacingIE4 N/Y IE5 N/Y NN4 N/N Op3 Y/-

Used to set the amount of whitespace between words. A "word" is defined as a string of characters surrounded by whitespace. Length values are used to define a modifier to the usual spacing, not the entire space itself; thus,